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“We love mini steps! My children have already learned so much in the 5 months they have been there! They always have fun activities planned and a great curriculum“

- via Facebook

Toddler (1 year to 2 years)

Toddlers need to stretch their new found physical skills as well as be given the tools to develop their beginning academic skills. Our toddler program does just that, we start to introduce the primary building block for academic success. This includes equipping our toddler environment with introductory art supplies, building/block supplies, puzzles, large motor equipment, musical supplies, and of course many opportunities to see written language as well as verbal communication. In this program, we begin to introduce a schedule for the children. Their day includes a balance of teacher guided and child guided activities that feature an educational element, rounding out the toddler's day is a nap and 3 meals including breakfast, snack and lunch. Please provide diapers, wipes, diaper cream and change of clothes as well as a blanket or soft cuddle toy for nap time.

Thursday March 23, 2023