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“I absolutely love this daycare. The teachers are great and I can honestly say that they truly care about each individual child. My baby loves it here and I recommend this facility to everyone with children of all ages!“

- via Yelp

Meet the Team

Ms. Alexis

I Teach: The 2’s
Teaching Since: 2008
I love teaching children because: when they are learning they smile and laugh, I like to see children happy. I enjoy having an impact on them knowing I was a part of that achievement. I enjoy being able to influence them academically to where they always remember who taught them new things.
Favorite Children’s Book:  I enjoy all of them!

Ms. Barbara

I Teach: Pre-Kindergarten
Teaching Since: 1988
I love teaching children because: I love seeing children succeed at one milestone at a time and seeing them smile and being proud of their accomplishments makes me even happier!
Favorite Children’s Book: All Judy Blume Books

Ms. Carma

I Teach: Toddlers
Teaching Since: 2004
I love teaching children because: I love to see them learn, grow, and watching the “light bulb” turn on when they grasp the concept. There is no greater feeling!
Favorite Children’s Book: Green Eggs and Ham by: Dr. Seuss

Ms. Jan

I Teach: The 3’s
Teaching Since: 1971
I love teaching children because: They have wonderful imaginations and see the world in a whole different way than adults do. I enjoy having fun and exploring with them!
Favorite Children’s Book: I really enjoy all children’s books.

Ms. Janelle

I Teach: Infants/Toddlers
Teaching Since: 1996
I love teaching children because: I love to watch them grow and watch their skills improve. Being able to encourage children to explore the world around them makes my heart smile.
Favorite Children’s Book: Good Night Moon

Ms. Kay


Teaching Since: 2004
I love teaching because: I enjoy working in a diverse environment that allows me to still be able to enjoy working with the children and the families. It brings me joy to be able to build a strong partnership with the families, staff, and the children in the center!
Favorite Children’s Book: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Mr. Moe

The Executive Owner of Mini Steps and First Steps Child Care Center


I’ve been in child care since: 2008
I enjoy seeing children model good behavior and apply it to the real world. I also enjoy supporting teachers in their growth and development, while maintaining strong partnerships with the parents, the staff, and the children.
Favorite Children’s Book: Goodnight Moon

Ms. Nicole

I Teach: School Agers
Teaching Since: 2013
I love teaching children because: I love being able to see them develop and grow to the next level. Working with the School Age group gives me great pleasure to see them learn and explore with new things.
 Favorite Children’s Book: Matilda

Ms. Nourin

I Teach: The 3’s
Teaching Since: 2002
I love teaching because: I love to see children develop socially and intellectually. The intelligence of these young minds never ceases to amaze me. Being a part of their milestones is worth everything!
Favorite Children’s Book: The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

Ms. Yolanda

I Teach: Toddlers
Teaching Since: 2012
I love teaching children because: I love taking care of them, watching them grow every day and helping them become more independent.
Favorite Children’s Book: The Cat in the Hat by: Dr Seuss

Ms. Niesha

I Teach: The 2’S
Teaching Since: 2006
I love teaching children because: I love being able to have a positive effect in a child’s life, also I like to watch them grow and nurture their abilities in all ways possible!
Favorite Children’s Book: If you Give a Pig a Pancake and all of the Llama Llama Books 

Ms. Laura

I am: The Cook and Bus Driver
Childcare Since: 2007
I love children because: I enjoy watching them learn and grow! Watching their faces brighten up when they have learned something new!
Favorite Children’s Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Ms. Pat

I Teach: Pre-K
Teaching Since: 2008
I love teaching children because: I love being able to witness those teachable moments when they understand what is being taught to them! I also, like to watch them learn and get excited about the tasks that are set before them.
Favorite Children’s Book: Rainbow Fish

Ms. Crystal

I Teach: All Ages
Teaching Since: 2014
I love teaching children because: I love being able to work with different personalities and watch them grow.
Favorite Children’s Book: My Brand New Sneakers 
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