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“Mini Steps is a Great & Very Clean facility for children. My 2 boys attended this daycare for several years and they loved it! The staff is very friendly, kind and attentive to the kids and their needs. The hours of operation are truly ideal for any working parent.“

- Cynthia

Preschool (3 years to 4 years)


During the preschool years social growth is important however our educational focus goes to the next level. The children in our preschool program are introduced to many academic concepts in a teacher guided, child initiated environment. Our teachers carefully plan out a meaningful environment which fosters each child's sense of wonder and need to lean more about their world. Teachers place educational activities in our learning centers that the children are encouraged to explore while the teachers guide the learning by asking appropriate questions that encourage the children to use reasoning skills. Concrete concepts such as the alphabet recognition and pronunciation, numbers, writing, and reading are all major parts of the preschools day. Our preschoolers have a diverse day spent in large group, small group and individual learning time, and rounded out with 3 meals and a nap time. Please provide a full change of clothes and any blanket or cuddle toy for nap.

Thursday May 30, 2024